My 3 Monsters: Were They Raised in a Barn?!

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Were They Raised in a Barn?!

Um, no. No they were not. So, why does my children's bathroom look like this? This is the result of a week's worth of grooming. One week since the last deep cleaning of this room. Maybe you can't understand my horror. Let me take you on a tour . . .

Half a tube of toothpaste spit in the sink. Unrinsed. Toothbrushes lain willy-nilly.

Tub still full of water from last night's baths . . . maybe the night before. Look really close and you'll see the chunks of an entire bottle of conditioner dumped in there. That's not the first time I've seen that mess. Nor the last, probably. Notice I've closed the toilet lid. You're welcome. There are also dirty clothes covering the entirety of the floor, rendering the bath mat useless.

Oh please, Calgon, Brent, Mommy, anyone -- take me away! This mess did present me with the opportunity to try out my new home-made bathroom cleaner. It was fantastic! Give it a shot. If it can clean my kids' bathroom, it can clean anything.

Home-made Bathroom Cleaner

2 C. hot water
1/2 C. vinegar
1/2 tsp. antibacterial dish soap
1 tsp. Borax

Mix all ingredients in a squirt bottle and go to town on your bathroom.


  1. Water left in the bathtub? Really? That's a new one even for my family - way to spin it positive! I will have to try that bathroom cleaner. How does it smell? Smell is a kicker for me (I HATE vinegar smell - doesn't smell 'clean' to me, smells like Easter eggs)

  2. That bathroom looks very familiar. Except we have both blue and pink toothpaste globs in the sink. I'm continually appalled at my kids' bathroom. Seriously, how can they not care?

  3. Sadly...that's what MY bathroom looks like (except I was raised in a barn).

  4. Tammy -- it does smell a bit vinegary at first. The smell dissapates quickly and then it just doesn't smell, which is lovely. You could add lemon essential oil or something that would make it smell fantastic though.


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