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"Stay-Home" Mom

I always laugh a little bit on the inside when I tell someone I'm a "stay-home" mom. Equally humorous to me is the simple explanation, "I don't work". I used that one just today. For a "stay-home" person, I don't spend so much time in my home. Don't get me wrong, there are days -- like last Friday when I watched an entire season of Project Runway on Bravo from my couch in my PJ's -- when stay-home is an apt description. But then there are days like today. My dear husband didn't wake me up when the alarm went off because I had been up until 12:30 the night before working on a project. Sweet of him. Except for the fact that I needed to be at Sis's school by 7:45 to put up a giant calendar that I had designed and crafted. (One of the ongoing projects I have volunteered for this year.) I woke myself at 7:00 and hit the ground running. Made it to school by a little after 8:00 and worked on the calendar until 9:15, at which time I sprinted to the nurse's office to help with hearing and vision screening for an hour. Finished with that, I ran home, picked up a banana cream brownie pie I made the night before for the sister I visit teach -- it's her birthday today. Visited for an hour, then stopped back by my house to pick up another two pies (one for the other girl we visit, one for my companion) on my way to our second appointment. We visited for another hour and then I ran home to meet my kids. They get out of school early on Wednesdays. Then it was cleaning, making phone calls, checking e-mail, figuring out dinner. Lots of days end up like this.

Even when I do stay home, I still feel like I work pretty hard. Whatever. I probably wouldn't have it any other way. Except maybe I'd have someone clean my bathrooms for me, in a perfect world. I am profoundly grateful for this little old life of mine. It's a really good one. My husband works hard so that I can "stay home" and "not work". And so that I don't have a boss telling me not to sleep on the job. Because I squeeze in a nap almost every day, with no apologies.


  1. With a family to take care of, who has time for a "real" (as in getting a paycheck) job?

    Being a stay-home mom isn't always glamorous but it's well worth it. Even on days when a 1 year old dumps Cheerios all over the house. Fun times that I'm glad I'm not missing by being somewhere 9 to 5.

  2. So agree. People wonder why I don't answer my phone. I am never home..and when I am, I am asleep.

  3. I used to wonder what stay-at-home moms did all day, since they were just "sitting at home." And when their kids were school-age, I assumed the moms had nothing to do. Now I know better. :)


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