My 3 Monsters: And So the Destruction Begins . . .

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And So the Destruction Begins . . .

Cassie's a puppy. She doesn't know better. She's so stinkin' cute and getting angry won't bring my shoes back. I just didn't really think about this aspect of puppy training when I made the decision to buy my children a puppy. Guess we need to move the shoe basket that always been a fixture next to our front door.

It's fine. I've had these shoes for years. Since my sister Kelly's wedding. But I'm going to miss them. A Lot.


  1. Love a new puppy! Just get to shoe shop to replace those beauties ;)

  2. Puppies and babies really are so much alike.

    Shaw doesn't chew up our shoes but he rummages in the trash, splashes in the toilet, and has even pooped in the shower.

    Lucky for him, he's so darn cute, just like Cassie, so I won't send him back either.

    But I am looking for a toddler obedience course.

  3. Kristen,
    I recommend lots of bacon flavored treats and raw hide bones.

    Thanks for spinning that one positive for me! There's a pair of cheetah print pumps at DSW calling my name.


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