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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tutu Cute

I have been looking at this blast from Sis's past and missing the days when she could just run around in a tutu and it was cute rather than . . . odd. Oh, she would still wear a tutu today. In fact, I have some big plans for her Christmas dress, but it will have to be a scaled down version. And Christmas is so very far away! Luckily we have a friend who is turning two tomorrow. And so, voila:

I LOVE IT!! The pink and black. The zebra. The flower. The sheer volume of it all!! It's so lovely and voluminous that it stands all on it's own. I can't wait to give it to her. And because we don't do anything halfway, Sis made her the accompanying bling:

Happy Birthday, Delia!! (It's my secret hope that MY Baby D will grow up and marry this baby D someday. We'll see . . . )

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  1. Both of my little girls...all grown now...just couldn't wear enough tutu's! They would whirl around the room, fall in a heap, giggling the whole time! That tutu is adorable and I am positive will bring many smiles!

  2. I think Syd even LOOKS like Delia in that picture! Delia will love it! (and of course, I will cater the wedding...)

  3. Too cute. Love the bling - it is AWESOME.


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