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Another Thing Eleven Year Olds Can't Do Around Here

Go to the movies with friends and no adult supervision.  Am I being too over-protective?  And where did this fiercely independent little girl come from, anyway?  I offered to accompany these bright young ladies.  Even to buy their drinks and sit by myself across the theater from them, with a solid promise to be discrete and cool.  I would be nothing more than a humble lady-in-waiting.  Or another mom could do it if I am the problem in this equation. Is that unreasonable?!  I'm a fun mom, right . . .  I'm getting a little bit of a complex about this lately. 

Turns out I'm not the only one having these motherly, protective instincts.  Friend's mom came along, too.  She sat one row behind, D and I sat a few seats down since the theater was packed.  And it was fine!  The girls had fun in spite of their stodgy, old-fashioned moms and peace once again reigns at home.  Ahhhhhhh . . .

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  1. I was the mom in the group that did exactly as you are doing. LOTS of adult supervision. Of course, the kids at the time belly ached like no tomorrow. As they got older (after high school) they ALL told me they appreciated that I didn't let them get away with things but always stuck to my guns. I think kids really do like boundries...maybe not at the time, but they will sure appreciate it later!


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