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Plum Cuppied Out!

Young Women in Excellence is tonight and it's mini-cupcakes as far as the eye can see around here.  Two and a half or three dozen each of eight different flavors -- each representing one of the Young Women value colors.  In my humble opinion, they are too pretty to eat.  Try telling that to my chillens who have been eating the cast-offs all day. (Hence only two and a half dozen of some flavors . . . and, to be honest, I can't wait to sink my teeth into one of those pistachio cuppies with pistachio cream frosting myself!)  I'm so in love with the way the programs turned out and I just wish you could see the self portraits the girls made that are decorating the room tonight.  It's going to be a lovely evening honoring a bunch of lovely young ladies.  I am so blessed to be working with them.


  1. You are truly amazing. I get to play the piano for our ward's YW in Excellence tonight. Sadly, I doubt they will have such delicious-looking cupcakes, or such lovely programs for that matter. :( Can I come to yours instead?

  2. OK, I'm hoping there will be some recipes posted soon for your little cuppies - those are too cute! So, you did the programs and all of the cupcakes? Did anybody else do anything? :O You deserve a nap tomorrow!

  3. Kristen -- In everyone else's defense, I got the long end of the stick tonight. I didn't have to plan the program, coordinate the music,decorate the room, speak or conduct the meeting. And I really LOVE to bake. I was like a kid in a candy shop this week. All they asked for was cupcakes. I took it upon myself to fulfill every cupcake fantasy I've ever had. But I WILL take a nap tomorrow . . . .So I don't sleep through the midnight premier of New Moon. So excited!!

  4. I've featured your link on my Young Women's in Excellence page!

    Since you've been featured, you can post one of the badges found here on your website. Thanks so much! - Jenny

  5. I love your cupcakes and program! You are so talented! We are planning to use your same idea for our YW: do you have a template of the program that I can use? I'd never be able to make a program that looks as nice as yours! Thanks- Jessica


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