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So Grateful

Last night for Family Night Sis, inspired by her fabulous primary teacher, Sister Schick (thanks, Tammy!), had us all make wreaths displaying what we're thankful for this year.  It's always fun to get a little peek into the minds and hearts of your children.  Among the things listed were:  Cassie, zoos, iPods, books, clothes, the Phoenix Suns, video games, our home, awesome Grandparents and "creatures".  Not sure about that last one.  I was happy to see on every single wreath leaves for family, friends and our faith in our Savior Jesus Christ.  Because those are things we have been blessed with in abundance.

Because Papa and Grandma can't come for Thanksgiving like they had planned, the kids wanted to make a wreath for them, too.  They are thankful for Papa and Grandma because . . .
  • Papa makes good root beer.
  • You raised dad to be a good dad.
  • You are awesome grandparents.
  • You always make us laugh.
  • We like that you are kind to us.
  • You support us.
  • You let us come to your house.
  • You're from Canada.
  • You're good examples.
Love to all our family and friends!  We are thinking of you -- this week and all others.

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