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Sooooooo Sleeeeeeepy . . . .

Last night I attended my first midnight movie premier with my friends and a few of their daughters. (I guess I'm really not as fun a mom as I thought, as I didn't even consider taking Sis with me on an all-nighter on a school night.)  Of course we saw New Moon, the second installment in the Twilight series.  It was delightful -- the waiting in line, the anticipation, the girlie conversations, the whoops of teenage bliss when a certain someone in the movie removed his shirt (and every time thereafter when he appeared bare chested -- which was often).  As is usually the case, the movie didn't really do the book justice, but it was fine.  Fun, even.  I'm glad I went.  I'm even more glad that fifteen minutes from now I'll have the house to myself so I can go back to bed.   

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  1. Whoop to you for a midnight movie premier! I've never watched the series or read the books. I'm thinking it must be next on my list!
    Happy Friday to you!!


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