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Positive Affirmations

Who doesn't love to hear something nice about themselves once in a while? I totally ripped this idea off from our Young Women lesson two Sundays ago . . . sue me. Each member of our little brood has a notebook. When we sit down at Family Home Evening every Monday, we pull out the notebooks, systematically pass them around, and everyone writes three nice things about each family member in their corresponding notebook. When the notebooks have come full circle, everyone reads their compliments and can choose which, if any, they want to share aloud. It has been fun hearing what our kiddos write to one another. I haven't had occasion yet, but I was also thinking that when the children have squabbles I would make the offenders sit and write three nice things in each others' books. Or when one of my children comes home crying that ". . . nobody likes me . . ." I can drag out their notebook and help them remember the truth. It's been fun.

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