My 3 Monsters: Bedroom Made Over Using Only Paint
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Bedroom Made Over Using Only Paint

You may recall my flooring drama of a month ago . . . a puppy with no sense of propriety (and the carpet to prove it), a mom (namely, me) desperate for change, a dad (the hubs) out of work and desperate to stay busy, and a budget that was almost non-existent.  How do you solve all these problems in one fell swoop?  Rip up the carpet (to keep dad busy) and paint the plywood floor underneath with the paint left over from our bedroom re-do a few weeks previous ($0 budget!!)  While we were at it, I decided to hand-paint a vintage-looking industrial type logo on the floor, just to add a little interest.  My vision was for it to look like it had been there forever so I placed it a little off-kilter and running off into the closet.  After painting it on the floor I went back and dry-brushed the gray paint over it again to make it look worn and faded.
We learned a few things along the way with this project that would be helpful if you want to try this at home.   First, sanding is optional. We wanted a more rustic look so we opted not to sand.  If your room is more refined, you may want to.  Also, if refined is the look you're going for, you probably want to fill all the nail holes with wood filler before sanding.  Up to you.  We went in with a scraper and removed all the bits of  glue and loose splinters of wood and hammered in all the nails really well, but left it all showing.  This would also be the time to screw down any loose, squeaky spots.  Just drive a screw right down into the floor joist below.  Second, PRIME, PRIME, PRIME!!!!  With a primer like Kilz that says specifically that it seals in stains.  This will keep them from bleeding through your paint.  It also seals the plywood so you use less paint.  Third, Polyurethane over the top.  Two or three coats.  We used the satin finish so it wouldn't look too glossy.

While we had the paint out we also painted the walls the same cement-gray color with crisp white baseboards.  I think it goes perfectly with the faux brick wall that I painted in there a while back.   What do you think?
And, in keeping with the industrial theme, we updated the ugly faux-oak and brass builder-stock ceiling fan with a can of Rustoleum Aluminum spray paint.

There you have it!  A couple of cans of paint and my boys have a whole new big-boy bedroom that will last into their teens. (we hope . . . )

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  1. This is unbelievably cool out crazy fantastic! Can you tell I can't say enough??? Way way cool, so cool, really! I LOVE the sign on the floor, and the walls, and the faux brick, and the fan to top it off. Love it all, great job!

    Those are some very blessed boys you have!

  2. OMG!
    This is serendipitous!!!!
    I also want to rip up the carpet...but I don't know what to do with the subfloor. That treatment is so amazing and retro...I love it!!!

  3. I am sure your boys love it. It looks amazing. You did a great job and with no money - that just blows me away..

  4. What a cool and fun idea! Lokks great too!

  5. Nice job! I'm WAY impressed with that brick wall! :)

    Got any tips on painting the fan? I've 2 I want to get done this summer!

  6. very very creative!!! nice job!

  7. you gotta love the power of paint! great job!

    stopping by from the CSI project! :)

  8. Anonymous25 May, 2010

    Love the floor!

  9. Anonymous26 May, 2010

    Ooohhh I really like that!

  10. That floor is AWESOME!! Wow, how fun is that?

  11. I love it. Wow - you are so creative. What a great idea!

    Thanks so much for linking up to the CSI Project! We really appreciate it. I hope you will come back next week for our Hardware Store challenge!



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