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It Must Be That Time Again . . .

Stacks of pajama pants and carefully crafted teen-age-girl-oriented goodies on every flat surface of my bedroom.  Multiple daily trips to Michael's and Joann's.  It all adds up to only one thing:
The theme theme this year is "The Hero in You" and our group's superhero is The Flash.  We have sweet pajama pants ($4 online clearance scrubs doctored up with yellow ribbon), Hoodies (gathered from every Goodwill and Savers within a ten-mile radius of my home and doctored up by yours truly -- because it might, possibly be almost cool in the evenings) , and custom pillowcases along with a few other surprise treats that I can't share at this point but would really like to because they are, honestly, the cutest things I have ever made, but I don't want Sis to see them yet because my baby girl gets to come to camp with me for the first time!!!!!!!  (*pause for breath*)  I'm thrilled to death, but it has surely made my prep a bit more tricky this year.  While the fundraisers and paperwork almost do me in, this is the part of this calling that keeps me coming back for more.  It's almost akin to preparing for Christmas for me.  Really, I go a little overboard sometimes.  I have this crazy notion of wrapping our entire addie (cabin) in red butcher paper with a big Flash insignia on the door and stringing the porch with red Christmas lights and lightening bolts.  I just want our girls (and especially MY girl) to have the greatest time.  And, if you've ever been to camp here in Arizona, you know it's all about going "Over-the-Top".  Looooovvvvve it!


  1. Anonymous14 May, 2010

    You are my hero. I have often thought that I could not accept a calling that required me to go to camp. I am in the Stake YW presidency, and I STILL avoid camp. So glad your girls have you--what fun.

  2. I sooo wish that the boys did something like this - it makes the kids feel soo special! You are the best camp leader EVER!

  3. As you know, I'm camp director this year. Shocker: I'm having a hard time coming up with favors and treats for the girls (and decorations for our campsite, but that's another story for another day). Feel free to share your clever, creative ideas with those of us who tend to be a little less naturally fantastic! ;)


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