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Summer Quickly Aproacheth . . .

It is about this time every year that I panic (just for a moment) about how I am going to keep myself sane for the next two months.  If I don't have a plan, the normally pleasant routine of our days quickly devolves into me, un-showered for days on end,  running around screaming like a fish-mongers wife, and breaking up fights.  It's not pretty, folks.  Yes, we will swim almost daily and go to the summer movies once a week.  Yes, there will be playdates.  Yes, we will beg our friends to let us come play with their triplets.  Being inherently selfish, I'm left wondering what's in it for me (other than playing with the babies)?!  So I have a goal.  I'm going to complete one crafty-type project a week to share on (my favorite) Tatertots & Jello's weekend wrap-up party.  Just because I'm happier when I'm in creative, productive mode. And because it will give me something to blog about.   And because I see nothing wrong with sitting my kids down in front of the tv/computer/ipod/video game eating these
for a couple hours a day.  Seriously.  Nothing.  They are delicious.  It's summer break after all!  Wish us luck.


  1. The chocolate peanut butter bugles are even better... YUM

  2. You without a plan sounds a lot like how I live my life almost every day. You don't have to be ashamed about being awesome, Amy.

  3. great. now i have to go to the store and buy a bag of these yummy looking bugles - and eat them alone on my couch watching Brothers and Sisters...
    Does that count as a plan?

  4. Yes. Yes, it does. A better plan than mine, in fact.

  5. sweeet and salty bugles???
    Mmm YUM!! i totally want some now Amy.
    Ok, You may not remember me.
    i am hoping you do. Bon Air Ward. Richmond, Virginia. Your brother Casey and I were in the same seminary class, BEFORE you moved to Calif.

    Is your brother online anywhere? I was just wondering how he is, if he got married, has kids, that sort of thing.
    just trying to reconnect with people.

    thanks, Amy!

    Hope you have a GREAT summer!!
    Great blog!
    i have a blog too.
    Hope you will take some time and check it out!

  6. If you have Casey's email or something, i just wanna catch up with him that's all.

    Find out what he graduated in, who he married, that sort of stuff...:)

    THANKS, Amy! :)


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