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The Widow's Mite -OR- My Mother's Day

I've been M.I.A. on the blog front lately.  I'm just so enjoying having a real-life adult around to talk to all day long and I haven't needed this outlet as much as in times past.  And, honestly, there's just not that much to say. I've been feeling a little "dumpy" these past few weeks and thought I would spare you all the pity party.  However, I miss documenting the day-to-day happenings of our slightly off-kilter household and someday I'll regret this lapse in motivation.  I haven't written about my trip to the symphony with the 6th grade band (musical talent is always stunning to me) or posted pictures of my bedroom (I've been in the throes of camp prep and the photograph-ability my room has suffered as a consequence).  I even missed blogging about my 14th anniversary last Tuesday.  Such a shame.  Sunday, Mother's Day, was fantastic and I just couldn't let that one slip by.  Brent and the kids spoiled me, as usual.  We ate this deliciousness for brunch after church:
  (Click photo to enlarge.)
Brent found the recipe all on his own and made it with the help of the kids.  Sis made Orange Julius smoothies.  Tre`s magnifique!  There were the usual hand-made gifts we mothers all adore -- a painted flower pot from Sis with tulips to plant in it, a ceramic turtle and a pop-up card with coupons good for snuggle time and chores and the like from Dylan, an ice cream cake from my partner in crime.  There was one gift, however, that will forever hold a special place in my heart.  I hesitate to share this story because I know that Sis reads my blog (love 'ya, babe!)  and my appreciation of this one particular gift in NO WAY diminishes my gratitude for all my other gifts.  But Riley.  Riley, Riley, Riley.  He gave me a homemade card made at school where they had to fill in the blanks ( My mother is kind because______________.  etc.) and almost every answer was tied to his diabetes in some way.  I guess it has been weighing heavily on his mind lately as the 4 year anniversary has recently come and gone. He mentioned that in the card.   I had no idea.  So self-absorbed am I that I failed to notice my little guy struggling right under my nose.  But that is not all.  Inside the card, wrapped up in tin-foil (presumably because I like sparkly things -- I really do) was a $5 Target gift card.  This child who has been saving his pennies for months to buy a new Nintendo DSi chose to give me all that he has for Mother's day.  It was a small gift by worldy standards, but to me it meant the world.  It will take him weeks to make that money back again and months to reach his goal, but he wanted to do something nice for me.  I have good kids.  Good, good kids.


  1. My heart just melted. No, seriously. It's in a puddle on the floor. Aren't children wonderful?

  2. Anonymous12 May, 2010

    Ahhhh. Very sweet. I was a total failure. This was the first year I got anything as my daughter made something in kindergarten. She gave me a cute card they had made: I admired it and then put it out of reach of ripping baby hands. At bedtime she said, "I guess you'll wear my pin tomorrow." What? Indeed, a pin had been hidden away in one of the 3-d features of the card, and I had not even noticed, let alone WORN it like all the other moms. Total Mothers Day FAIL.


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