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I Got Junk in the Trunk

I mean, we all KNOW that.  But this time I mean it literally.  Brent and I were out junking at Savers yesterday to get a few more things for camp and some baseball mitts and we came across this little diamond in the rough.

It was small enough to fit in that spot in the living room that has always been missing something and cheap enough that I won't be devastated if my first attempt at reupholstery fails miserably.  So there it was sitting in the living room, waiting to be recovered in black and white checked fabric when I got a crazy idea.  What if we used cool old t-shirts to cover the chair?!  It would totally go with the artwork in the room.  It's a little kooky, but I like kooky so we went out and found these cool vintage-y t-shirts today.
 What do you think?  Too far off the deep end? It's not too late to go with the black and white. (Though I think my mind is made up, I'd love to hear opinions.) Photos will follow . . . after camp.


  1. any idea you come up with comes out cool. I have recovered furniture before and just one concern with your T-shirts. They stretsch so much they will sag in time on the chair. Possibly iron (you know that bonding fabric/paper) them to attach to another fabric that is less stretchy. Good luck.

  2. Anonymous19 May, 2010

    You are so creative. I love the idea but don't know that T-shirts will hold up. Why not the check fabric and T-shirt pillows? Whatever you do, I can't wait to see it!! Good luck

  3. I love the idea - it will be a functional work of art! Knowing you, by the time anything starts to sag, you'll be ready to recover it with something new anyway! Go for it!


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