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Girl's Camp in Two Days!!!

This about the time I usually officially enter panic mode as I try to wrap up all the loose ends for camp this year.  Welcome to my inner monologue:

I need to dig out the red Christmas lights and refill the staple gun.  Make sure to pack the little treasures I've prepared for my girls and write my devotional.  Must find:  a hammer, a camp stove, a frying pan.  Burn a CD of the song we got a late start on learning.  Where are the rope, the bug spray, the extension cords?  The camp chair, the polka dot bucket, the sunscreen?  Do I have enough snacks?  Too many snacks?  The right snacks?  Will all my girls remember to pack a lunch on Friday?  A dress for church Sunday?  Should I bring extras of both?  Deliver: the t-shirts, the pillow cases, the pajama pants.  For the love of Pete, there are no clean clothes.  What?!  The children still want dinner and affection and to be tucked into bed?   Brent's birthday is Monday.  Crap!  Bake him a cake. Fill up the fridge for the boys, the cooler with ice for us girls, and my veins with all the caffeine I can from now until then.  Make Sis a lunch for Friday.  And see that she has a dress.  Is she nervous?  Excited?  Does she want me to hang around or give her some space?  Try to be fun, but not embarrassing.  Get extra ponytail holders for the thousand french braids that will be done on seven lovely little heads.  I only get one shower in 5 days.  When should I take it?  Could I sneak in a second?  Would anyone notice? Is that fair to the girls?  Do I really care?   

Over and over and over again.  But here I sit blogging, surprisingly calm about the whole affair.   This is not me first rodeo, folks.  Everything comes together in the end.  Sis and I are almost off on our fun adventure together.  I spent the early afternoon yesterday painting this "mural" to hang outside our cabin, in lieu of wrapping the whole cabin in red butcher paper.  (That idea was pure insanity and I'm ashamed that none of you told me as much when I first mentioned it.)  Anyhoo, the mural:
It's quick and dirty.  Not one for the portfolio.  Whatever.  It's painted on a bed sheet and will be thrown away after camp.  We also have lightening bolts and comic book sound effect bubbles (Whoosh!  and POW! and the like) to dangle from the rafters.  The rafters that will be lit by the lovely red lights if I can find them in the garage.  Yay.  I'm starting to get excited!


  1. Camp in May? Wow. Love your lists and ideas, they help me more than you know! "Be fun, but not embarrassing." LOL - that is my overriding concern, I must say (I generally feel pretty out of touch with teenage girls). Anyway - have fun, and please post aaaaaaall about it after!

  2. p.s. blogger had me type in "nonglam" to post that last comment. Appropriately.

  3. Don't you just love the 'inner voice/list' all us mom's have? I always say it's the only way I get anything done!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my painted 'granite' countertop post! If you do try it please send me pictures! I'd love to see! :)

  4. Anonymous26 May, 2010

    Is your YW Camp over the weekend? I have never heard of such a thing.

  5. Emily, Yes it's over the weekend. I thought it odd at first, too. There is a chapel out in the middle of the trees that is really beautiful and they have all the bishops come up Saturday night to preside and do the sacrament Sunday morning. The girls have to wear their dresses all day and then we have a spiritual program that evening. It's actually quite nice.

    Aryn, Yes our camp is in May this year and it's fabulous. (Last year was in July, which pretty much bites here in Arizona.) School gets out Thursday and we leave Friday morning. It's nice to just get it over with and not stress about it all summer long.

  6. Anonymous27 May, 2010

    I can see a lot of perks to it, we have just been told it is strictly verbotten to have (Church-sponsored group) camping trips over the Sabbath. You sound like the best Camp leader ever.


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