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Living the Dream

Sydney had her last band concert of the year last Thursday evening.  It was remarkably entertaining. We were so proud.  Thursday also happened to be the day we found out about Brent's new job.  And we were elated.  A treat seemed to be in order.  Ahhhh, Yogurtland.  Do you have one in your neighborhood yet?  Maybe it's called something else clever like Yo-diddly.  It's a self-serve frozen yogurt place that charges by weight after you build your dream creation out of their many flavors and toppings. 37 cents per ounce.  It is delicious.  Our kids went down the line, hesitant at first, but gaining courage as Dad urged them to get "whatever you want". He had a job again and was now ready to release the flood gates we had carefully held on our budget for the past two months.  They filled their bowls with one flavor, then another, then yet another.  Pilled on the gummy bears and peanut butter cup pieces.  Wait, there's Captain Crunch and mini chocolate chip cookies?!  Load on some of those, too, and drizzle that bad boy with chocolate AND caramel topping.  Their cups literally ran over.  We sat down outside, enjoying one of the last pleasantly cool evenings for a while.  Some light conversation and laughter.  At one point we all fell silent, enjoying our yogurt monstrosities.  Then D looked up and summed up the evening in four simple words.  "I'm living the dream."

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  1. Perhaps Kennedy and Sydney need to start their own musical group. Violin and flute with Taiden plunking away on the piano in the background. It's about time these kids start earning their keep! :D


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