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Sunday we had the unique opportunity of attending the dedication of the Gila Valley Arizona temple as a family.  Granted we weren't in the actual temple, just a stake center viewing the broadcast, but it was a wonderful feeling to be sitting there as a family.  Me and my husband, married for time and all eternity, with our three beautiful children.  It was excruciatingly long for them -- we showed up 30 minutes early for the hour and a half session with no books or coloring pages in tow -- but they were reverent.  The whole time.  Sure, Dylan folded his clean white handkerchief into an airplane a time or two and Sis dozed off in the corner somewhere in the middle.  It was to be expected.  The whole time I just kept looking around me at these four people who I love so powerfully, and feeling like I was getting a glimpse into our future.  A future when we will all sit in the temple together.  A future where I will rejoice and beam with pride at the result of all these years of hard labor.  We have good kids, but they are growing up in a difficult world.  I hope they, like me, caught a glimpse Sunday of what the temple can mean in their lives.  That they will always look to the temple and to Christ to find their way.  That, just as the temple was dedicated, they will dedicate their lives to loving and serving Him who gave us all.  Because their father and I are dedicated to helping them get there so we can enjoy those temple blessings.  As an eternal family.

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  1. I make a lot of jokes on here Amy, but this is honestly one of my favorite blog posts I've read. Very well said!


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