My 3 Monsters: Spring Spruce Up: New Pillow Covers and a Router in Disguise
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Spring Spruce Up: New Pillow Covers and a Router in Disguise

I've been on a bit of a spring cleaning kick lately, freshening and sprucing up our home.  I'm back on my housekeeping schedule and I can't believe how easy it has been to keep my home tidy and add in one or two "big" jobs, like dusting the ledges and cleaning out and organizing closets, every day.  The cleaning itself is very satisfying, but I'm a decorator at heart.  I needed to pretty some stuff up, too.

First on my list was packing up the winter pillow covers in the living room and bringing in some bright spring color.  I brought out my favorite scrappy rosette pillow covers for the little pillows and decided to use some golden yellow polka dot fabric from my stash to whip up new covers for the big pillows. 

I didn't have any zippers in the house and I was too impatient to wait until I had the chance to go to the fabric store and get some so I made simple envelope covers.  {There is a great tutorial over at vixenMade that shows exactly how to make them.  No sense in reinventing the wheel by writing it all out again, right?}

I added a little extra pizazz by sewing strips of gray chevron ribbon to the closure side and tying it closed with cute little bows.  The bows are purely decorative since an envelope pillow cover really stays closed on its own.  I just like bows.  Whatever. 

The golden yellow is the perfect little pop of color on my gray couches.  As I sat admiring my handiwork, my eye was drawn to the eyesore next to the couch -- our computer desk. 

Actually, the desk is fine and I love the setup because it works so great for our family.  The desk is really an old dining table and the end of it serves as an end table between our two couches.  The only issue I have is that you can see the back of the computer monitor {and all the wires and speakers and modem and wireless router and external hard drive} from the couches.  It always looks cluttered and messy.  I saw this BRILLIANT idea on Anamu a while back and decided it was high time to borrow it for my home.

The old books, along with the lamp and plant, totally block the view of the back of the computer and hide all the ugly components.  See:

The book laying flat under the lamp hides the external hard drive.  Here's to dirty little secrets!  In clean houses.  If you ever come over, don't snoop around too much.  I have little secrets like that all over this tiny little house.  And also some dust bunnies usually.  Heaven only knows which you'd find first!


  1. Oh, I LOVE that rosette pillow! And the new on is super cute, too....I REALLY need to dust off my sewing machine and at least attempt some simple things like pillow covers. And the book trick is so clever!

  2. Just a question about the book covers. They're really cute, and I might steal that idea for myself, but does having them in the books block the air vents?

    1. Good question!! Our particular models are vented on the back so the book covers don't block the air flow. That would definitely be something important to look at. I forgot to mention it in the post. Thanks for the reminder!

    2. Also, the books sit loosely around the components so the air seems to circulate pretty well. They don't seem to be over heating at all. I just checked to be absolutely sure.


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