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Flashback: Alice in Wonderland

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You may remember me gushing a few months ago about how fabulous my daughter was in her elementary school musical. Well, now I have the photographic evidence! Isn't she the cutest little Alice you've ever seen? Maybe we're bad parents, but we didn't actually take any pictures ourselves that night. We just figured we'd buy the professional photographer's CD so we could sit back and enjoy the show. What we didn't figure was that it would take sooo long to get the pics. Anyway . . . My baby is CLEARLY the star, but also notice the whimsically cute scenery I painted. Please. (I'm fun, too. *pout*)


  1. Thank you! I love it! Cutest Alice I've ever seen. Awesome set too!

  2. She is adorable, and she obviously get her cute and fun-ness from her mama. And I agree with Aryn about the pic of her in the towel--it's so cute it almost makes me want to get pregnant again. Almost.


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