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Ignorance is Bliss?

So, I'm increasingly convinced that I have arthritis. Brent laughs at my self-diagnosis. I'd bet his next paycheck that I'm right. I'm tired. Always. The joints in my hands ache. Always. Sometimes my shoulders and knees join them. But ALWAYS the hands. To the point that I rarely hold my husband's hand anymore. Because it hurts. My friend Suzie, who is an older, distinguished woman, believes me. Especially about the fatigue. She says I can find out for sure with a simple blood test. I should probably do that. I just keep coming back to not wanting to know for sure. I just barely discovered that I can paint. I'm only in my thirties. I just don't want to know.


  1. Take the test Amy! Not knowing for sure is so stressful. Of course if they say you don't have it..then Brent can say, "I told you so.." That is NEVER fun.

  2. Forwarned is forarmed . . . or something like that.


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