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Never Finished . . .

You may recall a while back (think waaaaay back) when I gushed on and on about the beautiful pink and brown room we were doing for Sis. At the time I promised photos. Didn't, however, promise how soon . . . See, I'm tricky like that. Because I knew after the pains those crisp brown stripes gave me it would be at least a little while before I was ready to tackle the brown ribbon stripes on the curtains. Well, consider 'em tackled. And in the mean time I was inspired to add this divine princess cameo on the wall above the bed. It turned out really cute, but I am still tweaking edges to get that border crisp and beautiful. (Why? Why did we do an oval frame instead of a rectangle?) Maybe a run to Aaron Brother's for a real frame is in order. Anyway. . . don't say I don't keep my promises. Eventually.


  1. Holy cow, Amy! You've outdone yourself this time. So darling! That may be the cutest thing I've seen you do so far.

  2. Oh, by the way, all of your other stuff has been awesome too...very impressive. This may just be extra cute and my favorite.

    Just wanted to clarify...

  3. Lucky Syd! That is so cute. I love how the curtains match up exactly with the stripes on the wall! SO cute!

  4. Darling. Love the cameo and the stripes. Yet another success!!


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