My 3 Monsters: Mommy's Mini Personal Vacay

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Mommy's Mini Personal Vacay

Guess who will be staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel for the entirety of next week! That's right. MOI!!

It's not really as great as it sounds, though. I'm doing another mural project. Here in Arizona this time, but it's pretty far away from my house. My too, too kind husband agreed that it would probably be best if I stayed out closer to the job site and pretended I was away so that I could finish the job in 5 days like I've been doing in Colorado. He's a sweetheart, that one. And he's probably figuring I'll owe him one when I get back. He's probably right. So, after grueling 13 hour work days I'll at least have a really nice place to stay without a commute of over an hour each way. You gotta' love those off-season hotel deals on

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