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That is the sweetest word in my vocabulary. HOME. I'm home. It was a long week. I was stomach-sick until Wednesday. Tuesday night when Brent came up for a "romantic" evening in the hotel I just laid next to him in bed and cried. He patiently rubbed my back. Then I read my book while he watched the Laker's game. That's real love, right there. There was no air conditioning on the job site for most of the week. Yesterday, when I realized the air-blowing sound I was hearing was coming from the furnace not the air conditioner, it was all I could do to hold back the tears again. Tonight I am bone-weary and every muscle in my body aches. Every one. But I am home. And the murals are finished (and beautiful!). And I am happy.


  1. Sorry you were sick--that stinks. Can't wait to see the pics! Of the murals, not the sick tummy... :)

  2. You're a trooper. It seems like you've been sick on a lot of your week long painting trips. Maybe it's the paint fumes? Can't wait to see your pics. You are so talented!


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