My 3 Monsters: Staycation!!!

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Every so often this mommy feels the need to get out of the house. More than that, she feels the need to get out of the routine that is our life. (Thanks be to Priceline for allowing this to happen.) Last night we had a little over-nighter at a beautiful resort up in Scottsdale. We hit the pool . . . HARD. The kids lounged around the room after their baths in the big fluffy robes they found hanging in the closet. They watched Cable TV. They sat by the pool late into the afternoon talking about the best way to beat a game they've been playing on-line. They chased a bunny and dug up worms. Most memorably, they bonded. They seemed, for 24 hours, to really enjoy one another's company. And that alone was worth my $35.


  1. That looks absolutely delightful.

  2. Wow, you really ARE the deal-finder. Sounds like a fantastic getaway!!! Next time ditch the kids so you and Brent can enjoy some couple time.


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