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Goals: The Setting and Achieving Of

My daughter purchased an iPod Touch today. With her own money which she painstakingly saved. I agreed to the plan when I thought it would take her years to stockpile the $299 she would need. But she's smarter than that. She decided that 8 gig was plenty big enough for her. And the $229 price tag got her several months closer to her goal. Then she got some money for her birthday. And some pet sitting jobs. And I've been paying her a small fee to watch her brothers for a half an hour at a time so I could run errands. And she was just twenty tiny dollars away from her goal. But she did not stop there. She wisely went online and found a refurbished Touch on the Apple website for $179. With free shipping. $1 less than she had saved. Holy Cow!!! I feel so old. I have a super-smart, resourceful child who now has a cooler iPod than me.

Her success has been a revelation in our home. Her brothers are now saving all their money for big things they want. A new Nintendo DS for Riley, six thousand Bakugan for Dylan. Whatever. This is a big deal! Our children have always been spendthrifts. Money almost literally burns holes in their pockets. They waste it on garbage that is broken or forgotten inside of a month. And so we opened The Bank of Mom and Dad. They give all their cash to me (mwah ha ha ha ha) and I "save" it for them. Then when they are ready to make a purchase I just pay for it with my debit card. They love to look at their spreadsheets on the computer and see their balances increasing. It's lovely. I hope it lasts into their grown up years.

Brent and I are jumping on this goal setting bandwagon. We have decided to go one month without eating out. At all, with the exception of Riley's birthday lunch. This will be difficult for folks who "just run through the drive thru" three (or more) times per week. It's not exactly like our children's goals, but the gist is the same. Doing something you haven't previously thought possible. Every time I don't feel like cooking dinner I'll just look at Sydney's new iPod and redirect my booty toward the kitchen.

Easily said at this early hour when my day is still shiny and fresh.

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  1. Tomato soup and grilled cheese is always a good stand by when you don't feel like cookin'. Good luck with your goal. We should eat out less too...


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