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The Spin Doctor

My littlest guy had a rough morning yesterday. By "rough" I mean "knock down, drag out, fist-fighting, full scale terrorism". He was really on a roll until he got grounded to his bedroom for the entire day. And even then he lost half of his toys, one by one, before he calmed enough to comply. I was the very picture of self control throughout. Thank you, Celexa. At any rate . . . just before lunch time I felt that he was calm enough to really have a talk about the "choices" he had made. I went up and sat next to him on his bed. I put my arm around him and asked, "How do you think your behaviour was this morning?" He sits for a moment, stone faced and remorseful, before answering, "Very active?" Hmmmmmmm. Yeah. Best not put too fine a point on it. Hello American Politicos, meet your child prodigy.

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