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A Few of His Favorite Things

37 years ago today, the man for whom I've forsaken all others was born. His children commemorated this momentous event by teasing him mercilessly. It's kind of a tradition. Last year they wrapped up a Jiffy corn muffin mix with a note that said "Oh, Snap!". THEN they gave him his real gift -- a Wii Fit. This year we had the real gift (James Bond DVDs), but the kids could not rest until they had a prank gift, too. We were running out of time. And just happened to be at the grocery store. The jar of Fluff set us on a roll. You may or may not know that my man has a few food-y quirks. An aversion to "fluffy stuff" being number one. Also high on the list of dislikes: bananas, nuts, and cream soda. The only thing we forgot was the Velveeta. Blast.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, baby. Your kids have learned from the best in the business . . . YOU! We love you.


  1. Happy Birthday Brent! If we lived closer we would have given you a big blue bag of sugar like the ones we saw at the Sweets candy factory...we know how much you liked them and how giddy you would be to get one of your own.

    Happy Birthday, old man!

  2. Happy Birthday Brent!

  3. Forsaken all others, indeed. Need I remind Brent that you passed up Dave Shipp (was that the name of the Garren's guy?) for him?

    Or did Dave Shipp pass up you for your grandma? I forget... either way, you traded up :).

    Happy Birthday, marshmallow man!


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