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A Little Fieldtrip.

As is my personal custom, I've been feeling decidedly uninspired since returning from my travels. It's hard to transition back into the "day to day" after having a wee bit of diversion. This time has been better than most, but still. Frustrating. I think I've gotten preety good lately at finding joy in the simple things. I hadn't realized I was developing that skill until this week's lack thereof. I've kept busy, to be sure. A funeral, a trip to the IMAX with the third graders, a Cinco de Mayo lunch with friends, exultation over Shiela's newly discovered pregnancy (they have struggled with fertility for years, have two beautiful children, and now she just got knocked up all on her own!), helping the sister I visit teach run errands and move out of her apartment after the death of her mother, visiting teaching, presidency meeting, chauffeuring kids to birthday parties, etc . . . Don't get me wrong, I'm profoundly grateful for the wonderful life my husband provides for me that leaves me with time to do all the afore-mentioned activities. I just haven't been really excited about doing many of those things.

So, yesterday I decided to take the bull by the horns and reclaim my positivity, so to speak. And I went grocery shopping . . .at Trader Joe's. Sounds like a real riot, right? There is just something about breaking from the normal routine and doing something "new" that sends shock waves throughout all of life for me. I bought food that's all organic and wholesome . . . things I've never cooked before so maybe this excitement will last all week. Every time I open my refrigerator and see the carton of Tzatziki sauce and the Carne Asada and the Guac con Pico, my stomach does a little flip-flop. I don't know what to cook first. I want it all today. And my pantry full of Unburied Treasure (a puffed corn snack) and honey whole wheat pretzels and organic blue corn tortilla chips, and strawberry cereal bars (called "This strawberry walks into a bar . . . " Funny) is pure bliss. That's not even to mention the Joe Joe's (a simply divine Oreo knock-off with vanilla bean cream filling) and the ice cream cake waiting in the freezer for mother's day tomorrow. I. Am. BACK!!!!!

I've got a vase full of daffodils on my kitchen table ($1.29 at T.J's), a glass of strawberry lemonade and a brighter, sunnier disposition all thanks to my personal field trip yesterday. Family, you're welcome.


  1. It's amazing how sometimes it's the little things that make such a difference.

    I always get overwhelmed when I go to Trader Joe's. I don't go very often so I'm not "in the know" on all their cool products. I need someone to take me, hold my hand, and show me the way.

  2. I loved this post. Not only does it thrill ME just reading about it, but I love the glimpse into your life and mind. You really are a great writer, Amy.

  3. Ok - Joe Joe's are the BEST. You have to try the Dark Chocolate Covered ones though... You have to try the blue potatoe chips. And if you are ever finding yourself missing Grandma Jam - hit up the Trader Joe's All Natural Raspberry Jam. (I can't remember everything it says on the bottle, but it has a black label) It is the closest thing I have found to Grandma Jam anywhere. And I have been DYING to try the ice cream cake! LUCKY!

  4. I wasn't looking for raspberry jam, but next week I WILL. I love Grandma Jam!!! The fully cooked Carnitas made awesome mother's day soft tacos yesterday. The ice cream cake was just OK. I got sick two Christmases ago after eating some ice cream cake Brent made. NOT because of the cake, but I still have a negative association . . .


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