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To Go or Not To Go . . .

Our favorite stand-up comedian, Brian Regan, is coming to town this weekend. He's completely clean and hilarious and we've listened to his CD in the car oh, six million times as we run errands. Brent and I really want to go. Our kids really want to go. We all want to go and bond as a family. But having just returned from a cruise, can we justify this extravagance?
5 tickets @ $30 each = yikes!
Then again, having taken the cruise without our sweet children, can we really afford to pass up this opportunity to have a memorable experience with them?! We can easily blow $150 on fast food and junk. $10 at a time here or there. Why is it so hard to pay it all up front when I know it will be worth it in the end? Practicality is soooo overrated.


  1. You need CLEAN comedy after your *ahem* dirty deed yesterday...
    :) Don't worry about the money! You can always just go to the bank and get MORE - they have LOTS of it there!

  2. I would say do it! It cost us $60 per ticket to watch him up here. $30 is a steal. You won't regret it.

  3. Tammy- have you been teaching Sydney about money in Primary? She said the EXACT SAME THING this morning!

  4. It's tough to find good clean family fun, especially when it comes to comediens. Sounds like a big chunk up front, but I don't think you'd regret it. Like you said, you can cut back on other "extras" for a bit to make up for it. Sounds like fun!!!

  5. When the my kids were way younger we took them to Dora LIVE. I thought it was to expensive but went for the memories...once Dora got on stage I got teary eyed because the fam was so happy. Shows are well worth it. :)
    Just make sure you post about it...then it will be in the family history books along with the great memories(also I want to hear all about how great it was).


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