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I've been a very naughty girl today. I rented Slumdog Millionaire and watched it this afternoon while everyone else was gone. And I loved it! I haven't watched an R-rated movie in more than 10 years and I feel good about that choice. I think it's wise. But I just could not resist this one. It was entertaining and educational (maybe that's pushing it a bit) and WAY more worthy of a portion of my brain cells than Talladega Nights (PG-13, folks) which I have seen with my dear husband several times. Here's my one gripe: The vulgar language. It kills me when they take an otherwise perfectly entertaining movie and ruin it with a truck-load of f-bombs. Sure, that's how people talk now days. Maybe, I'll grant you, it's more "authentic". I just don't like it. Classic case in point: Hancock which came out last summer(also PG-13). My children would LOVE that movie, but they'll never see it thanks to the foul-mouthed dialogue. BOO! I don't really feel guilty about seeing Slumdog Millionaire. But I AM hiding the DVD in my purse until I can return it tomorrow so my kids won't see. Yep, add deceit to my growing list of "Things That Will Ultimately Keep Me Out of Heaven". I'm human after all.

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