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Etsy Favorites

I've been lurking around Etsy again. Still. Whatever. Here are some fun finds. Click the picture to go straight to the Etsy listing if you feel like you might want to buy me an early birthday present . . .
Vintage Soda Labels. I'm imagining printing these out on sticker paper then wrapping gifts in brown paper and baker's twine with one of these fab stickers holding the twine in place.
Oh, how I love the vintage images . . .

. . . and anything monogrammed. Sure, these are MADE for kids, but how could anyone so young appreciate their beauty? I use washcloths, too.

Simple. Elegant. Lovely.

More ornate. Brent would probably HATE this one. I'd have to buy a new outfit to wear it with which only adds to its' appeal.

The "piece de resistance". I don't EVER go anywhere fancy enough to wear this, but I think it is GORGEOUS!!! Dupioni silk. Rosettes. Just slay me. Maybe for a date night with nice jeans and a white baby tee, some cute ballet flats and an up-do. Could I pull it off? Mark my words, I will own this one day.

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