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The Older I Get . . .

. . . the less forgiving my skin and hair are. I'm not super high maintenance now (as opposed to my younger years), but gone are the days of using "just whatever's cheapest" and still being able to look presentable. LONG gone are the days of perming, straightening, doing my own color, going 6 months without a trim and still having generally pretty, shiny hair. I'm finding a good haircut every 6 weeks and salon-brand shampoo and conditioner to be my best allies in this battle against visible aging. I still do my own color . . . for now. I have an almost violent physical reaction to dropping $50 on 3 hair products, but it's nothing compared to what my dear husband feels about it. I just gently remind him that I never claimed to be a natural beauty. And that, most of the time, he finds me reasonably attractive, so maybe it's worth it.
Anyway, I'm getting off track. Here are a few of my very favorite discoveries. Let me know if you've found anything that you can't live without.

Favorite Shampoo and Conditioner. Smells like mint with a hint of rose. Sounds yucky, but trust me, it's real good. I still try to use Herbal Essences a couple days a week, too, just to make the good stuff last longer.

Want to know a secret? A Dirty Secret? I don't wash my hair every day. EWWWWW! Whatever. This stuff is pretty great for those in-between washing days.

Because I've learned recently that people don't really tease their hair anymore. Who knew?! I'm a child of the 80's and old habits die hard. This gives me just enough poof without creating a helmet-like effect.

As the name implies, it makes your skin feel like velvet. Awesome. It's tempting to put it all over your face, but if you're cheap (like yours truly) you just need it to smooth over flaws before applying other makeup. Like around your crepe-y eyes and to fill in the gigantic pores on your nose, maybe. Not that I would know for sure . . . Moving on . . .

Faithfully. Every night. I don't KNOW if it helps, but I like to hope that it does.

Not an expensive product, but good for preventative maintenance. Avoiding sun exposure and all that.

I'm reading this back now and worrying that I sound really vain. I'm not really worried about getting older. I say, bring it on. Age and wisdom and freedom. BRING IT! And I'll wear my shiny white hair and wrinkles with pride. When I'm ready. Which is not now.


  1. I'm writing all these down. Sadly, I buy my beauty products at Costco.

  2. How does the dry shampoo work? Never heard of it.

  3. I am ALWAYS wondering which of the many products to buy. I'd test them all out if it weren't such an expensive hobby... so I love the recommendations. I haven't found a shampoo or conditioner that I love (my hair is nasty no matter what I try) - so I'm eager to try these. I do like Biosilk from Costco... I like to think it gives my hair a little shine without totally drying it out (like other similar products do).

  4. I am totally taking your lead and going to post my favorite beauty products on my blog -- check them out later tonight.
    To all of your blog fans out there - Don't forget that Ulta (If you have them where you live) will let you RETURN ANYTHING! In fact they ENCOURAGE you to try something new, if you don't like it you can BRING IT BACK! SIMPLY GENIUS! I went thorough product after product until I finally found something that I love...
    That will be reveled in the next post on my blog. (ooo what a lead-up, now if I wasn't already so stinkin' tired - revise that "later tonight" comment to "whenever I get to it". Thanks)


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