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Always Looking Out for One Another

My sweet almost-11-year-old daughter is deeply entrenched in "puberty" with all of its associated good, bad and ugly. Remember the days? Needing deodorant for the first time. Needing to wear a bra and being really excited at first and then realizing how much it sucks and trying to get away without it as often as possible. Was that just me? Just me and my baby girl, I suppose. So, many days as she descends the stairs for breakfast we gently tell her to go back up and reconsider her undergarment situation. No big deal. Until yesterday when, as I was blow drying my hair in just my "g" top (undergarment similar to a thin t-shirt for those of you unfamiliar with our odd Mormon lingo) and jeans (so as not to get my real shirt covered in stray hairs), Dylan comes in, looks at me for a moment and says, "Mom, you should probably wear a bra with that." I was stunned for a moment as I gathered my thoughts. Ummmmmm . . . really. Did my baby boy REALLY just tell ME to put a bra on?! And did he REALLY think I was leaving the house in my underwear?! Have I EVER given him cause for concern about me exposing my breasts in public in even the SMALLEST WAY?! I'm so freaking modest that I usually wear my "g" top, a bra, a tank top and THEN a regular shirt. Sometimes with a little sweater on top of that. And still he was concerned about me? Really?! But deep down I know that he is just looking out for me. Because that's what families do. Keep one another from exposing their privates in public. Really.

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  1. Ahhhhh, Amy. You make me laugh. Or maybe it's Dylan that makes me laugh. Or maybe it's you writing about Dylan that makes me laugh. Any way you look at it . . . I got a good laugh. Thanks.


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