My 3 Monsters: It's Girl's Night!!!!

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It's Girl's Night!!!!

Tonight is the annual Father & Sons Camp Out. Sydney and I aren't over-excited or anything, but is it 4:00 yet? We've got a full evening planned. Pedicures, pizza, a movie, late-night TV and giggling until mom falls asleep. (I fall asleep first every year.) My dear daughter has this evening micro-planned, right down to getting cherries instead of flowers on our big toes and the chocolate covered cookie dough bites at the movie theater. She only gets ONE NIGHT a year of her very own and she wants what she wants. No surprises. Good times.


  1. Your night sounds so fun. Our father/son camp-out is tonight too. I have to work tonight so Erik is home with kids instead.

  2. Ours is next week. Alas, Ben is too young to go. Next year I'm so making Erik take him. I want a girls' night like you!


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