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Why Do I Care?!

Will someone please tell me? Please help me to understand why I care whether Jon and Kate Gosselin stay married or don't. Please tell me why I was getting choked up last night as I watched them in seperate interviews talking about the breakdown of their marriage. Is it because I'm part of everything that is wrong with American culture? That I avoid caring about the REAL issues in our society (or my life) by being voyeuristic and shallowly obsessed with these non-celebrities? Or do I just care . . . deeply . . . about those 6 sweet little 5 year olds (sorry, the bigger two bug me) who have to deal with those parents. I can't really blame them, though. Who can ever really understand the pressure of having 8 children in the time it would take most of us to have two? Like her, I can be driven into a downright frenzy of witchitude some days by my mere three children. And, of course I have vented my parental frustration directly on my dear husband many a time. And I get that he feels trapped . I truly do. BUT THE KIDS!!!! Those sweet little kids. It was sad and painful to watch. Sadder still? My inability to look away. WHY?!


  1. I agree, it's totally tragic. I used to love the show but after watching the first episode this season I said "no more." Of course, that doesn't stop me from checking up on their progress daily at Sad and horrible that their family is being torn apart, but I just can't stop being interested. Is that even sadder?

  2. I cannot stand the way Kate treats people in general (at least how it is shown on TV). I have to say I can't blame Jon for leaving..I know that sounds evil.


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