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Alright. Enough shameless begging for attention. Back to the chaos at hand. My baby D is a certified nut. I swear to you. He and his cousins got to watching ghost videos on YouTube whilst their mamas were chit chatting downstairs last week in Vegas. They must have been some real doozies because I now have to sit right outside the bathroom door while he "accomplishes his missions". Or just be OK with the door being wide open. He cries himself to sleep every night. Even after he says a prayer. And I say a prayer for him. It's a little ridiculous. Monday night Brent lost his temper (it was his turn -- he'd been patient the night before) and sternly told D to go back to bed and sleep. Through his sobs, D yells down, "I caaaaaan't!! You don't get it! You haven't seen the things that I've seen!!!!" Ummmmmm . . . it's not like the kid was in Nam. Does it make me a bad mom to laugh out loud in my child's moment of deepest despair. Because I may or my not have, depending on your answer.


  1. Laughing only occurs before 11:00pm after that (like lets say 2:45am) the ha ha funny ENDS.
    Nightmares SUCK> my kids can't watch anything - ever! Even commercials will wake someone up in the night... I have put my foot down. NO MORE WAKING MOMMY UP! Bad dream or no bad dream - figure it out - you are 11!
    Sorry - a went a little into my own issues..........

  2. I can't tell you how many times I was laughing (albeit quietly) when the kids would watch a movie that wouldn't let them go to sleep. I tuck the two girls together and poof...instant sleep!

  3. I remember being unable to sleep for weeks as a kid after just seeing a clip of the Exorcist on TV (not even a very scary clip).
    I am all for the laughing - if you don't laugh, you cry, and I don't think D would want you both crying, right? Good luck!

  4. Couldn't resist clicking on the "missions" link, and still laughing about your son.


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