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Call off the dogs, Sassy!

This morning was not fun. No one even tried to be kind or respectful. The sass was rampant. It was rough. Cassie the dog cried ALL NIGHT LONG. I'm not kidding. All night. Not one of us could sleep. At 3:30 I decided to go talk her down from her hysteria. It worked. As long as I laid right there next to her crate. So I did. But she didn't sleep. Nope. Just sat there watching me sleep. Punk. She's curled up on her favorite spot on the floor snoozing away. NOW. Now, while we are all plodding through our busy day bleary eyed and grumpy, she sleeps? Grrrrrrrrr . . . .

On a pleasant dog note, look at what I found:
Same brand I use for my hair!! Nothing but the best for my puppy. It smells delicious. My puppy may be a punk, but she's not going to stink. Wait, OUR puppy. Right.

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