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Some people would just about give you the shirts off their backs. I'd like to think I am one of those people, but we all know that I am not. (But I'm working on it . . . ) I have several friends who I know I can count on all the time. For anything. At all. They'd come bail me out of jail at two a.m. if I needed it. I never have, I'm just saying. In the past twenty-four hours I have been really touched by a few unexpected "givers". First, yesterday morning my Visiting Teaching companion gave me a wheat grinder. Out of the blue. Just like that. And not her old wheat grinder because she had gotten a newer, better one for herself. No. Brand new, in the box. (You should know that the LDS people believe strongly in being prepared for a rainy day and having some food stored up in case of emergency.) She said she just felt "inspired" to give it to me and she wouldn't even consider letting me pay her for it despite my pleas. How could she have known that I have cases and cases of wheat and I've been fretting lately about finding a good, affordable grinder?! And even if she had known THAT, how could she possibly be kind enough to just give one to me?! I can hardly fathom it.

Then, last night as I was skulking around strangers' blogs, I came across There you can download hundreds of free fonts. It was like I had found Nirvana. I LOVE fonts like I love chocolate. Maybe more. And they take samples of handwriting from people and turn them into customized fonts. FOR FREE!! I have been coveting the software that does that ever since I saw it in SkyMall Magazine years ago. Do you know how much time they must spend doing that kindness for random strangers?! Or how much money they could be making for those services if they wanted to?! It boggles the mind. Also, they have tutorials galore, recipes and all sorts of other fun stuff. I don't know these people. I probably never will, but I had the greatest day thanks to them.

Some people just do better than they have to. They don't get caught up in the competitive nature of our society. The "What's in it for me?" or the "I can only be worthwhile if I have more than you" mentality. They're givers. I want to be just like them when I grow up.


  1. I totally understand. Kinda like how today I gave my friend most of a 7 Layer Burrito I didn't want anymore. It feels good to be a giver!

    But really thats awesome about the wheat grinder.

  2. Cute post! I think you are a giver, though. I see all the work you put into making those girls happy at girls camp and all you did for our trip to Phoenix, for just a couple examples. You are a giver and a worker!

  3. Robbie,

    Depending on the day, I would be just as happy with a partially eaten 7 Layer Burrito as I would with a wheat grinder or just about anything else. You're an example to us all.


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