My 3 Monsters: What Are the Chances?

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What Are the Chances?

How is it possible that the little girl who made Sis so miserable in school last year is in EVERY SINGLE ONE of her classes this year?! What have we done to deserve this great big karmic kick in the pants? Oi!!! Here's to one more year of "being the bigger person". (Unless we can get her schedule changed. Which we are trying so desperately to do.)

DISCLAIMER: I don't usually go to such lengths. I truly believe in being flexible, going with the flow, and, honestly, being the bigger person. We've NEVER asked for a schedule change. EVER. But if my child doesn't have an advocate in her parents, who can she turn to? And I don't think any of us can bear a repeat of last year. Wish us luck.


  1. Thanks for the comment, chica! Good to visit your blog as well. Looks like you gotta lotta chaos.. and fermented beans in your car. Good luck with that.


  2. I am all about empowering you kid and setting them up for success! I'm the mom that got her kid's favorite seat on the bus reserved for him. Anything to get them happily on that bus and out of here :).

  3. Hey - I know that girl and SHE should have to move. BRAT!
    Put your foot down in that office - unless the 6th grade is no longer accepting students, they CAN change her. They don't want to, but they can.
    You go Mama!


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