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Ready. Set.

  • Meet with school nurse and district nurse about diabetes care plan for #2: check
  • Talk to administrator about changing schedule for #1: check
  • Meet (and like) teachers: check, check
  • Buy $100 worth of school supplies: check
  • Get vaccinations for #1: check
  • Threaten #3 with his life if he meets the new assistant principal this year: check

Backpacks are packed. First day outfits are laid out. It's official. We're ready to go back to school. Not just ready. REEEEAAAADY!!!

PS. Since when do elementary schoolers need flash drives?! Back when I was in 2nd grade we only had one computer. For the WHOLE SCHOOL. And we didn't get to touch it. We watched the grown ups touch it. What a brave new world we have here.


  1. So did #1 get new classes?

  2. Yeah, when I went to elementary school the world had advanced to the wonderful "computer lab". The ONLY thing we used them for was playing Oregon Trail. Those were the days.

  3. You, of course, have everything perfectly organized. I'm sure when my time comes to get the kids off to school I'll be a total mess! I loved the little links at the end of your post, and had so much fun reading your blog again from last summer about our trip to Phoenix that you so beautifully organized. Sniff... Sniff... it was so fun! I just love you guys!


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