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Best Left to the Pros . . . Hmmmph!

So . . . you may have noticed a few changes in the looks of my little blog here lately. It all started when I wanted to add a signature to my posts at the bottom. I googled. I followed a tutorial. I altered html code. Voila! Signature. Spurred on by that success, I followed an awesome tutorial on to add the cute new font for my post headers. Altered more html code. Easy cheesy. Then I wanted to make my comments stand out from your lovely comments (which I LOVE to get . . . ). Googled, followed tutorial, googled again and kept changing the code until it looked how I wanted. No big. Well, last night I decided I wanted three columns in my footer so I could put three pictures side by side down there. I found a tutorial and started reading. In the first paragraph it said in BOLD LETTERS , "Altering html code is risky and is best not attempted by amateurs." (Or something to that effect.) WHATEVER!!!!! I've turned that Minima template inside out and backwards and I'm just a lowly mom/interior designer. I guess I didn't think about the way I was taking my blog's life in my hands each and every time I opened the "Edit html" tab. I would have been devastated had I killed it with my experimentation. But I didn't. Yeah me! Throwing caution to the wind seems to be a theme around here lately.

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  1. Congratulations on your awesome and daring renovations to your blog. I love it; although, is just brings further to my attention how much I am neglecting my own blog...

    Anyway, I am also still laughing days later at your post about getting the puppy. I just love the closing remark about Brent "coming around." Good luck with that project. Sorry about all the puppy poop!


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