My 3 Monsters: Hey, You -- You With the Face! I Don't Want Any of This Tonight!

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Hey, You -- You With the Face! I Don't Want Any of This Tonight!

That's right, Cassie. I'm talking to you. No more of this sleep-all-day-cry-all-night routine. OK?

Quick update on the dog situation: She's fantastic -- hardly ever barks, loves us to a fault. Better than we could have ever hoped for. But the sleeping. Ah, sleeping. I think I can almost remember what it was like to mostly sleep through the night. This doesn't seem to be her strong suit . . . yet. I thought maybe we were lucky enough that she would take to sleeping with Sis right away. Turns out that was, in fact, beginner's luck. I'm so glad that she feels comfortable in our home now. Really, I am. But the late night wandering is too much for me to take. She's back in the crate and none too thrilled about it. It is taking me back to the days of my eldest's infancy. (NO, not because we kept her in a crate at night.) Last night, so desperate was I for sleep, I began to implement the Ferber method on my dog. I let her cry for five minutes before going in and settling her down. Then ten. Then somewhere in the 15 minute stretch she FELL ASLEEP!! For an hour. Then we began again. Yes, I know she's a dog not a baby! It's just that I only know babies. Call me crazy, but that was the best night of sleep we've had so far. I'm desperate here, more for my family than myself. They all have busy days ahead of them. They all need sleep. And, at the end of the day, I need Cassie to be the best puppy ever to prove the rightness of my "inspiration" that brought her into our home.

Still, it warms my heart to see her cuddle up next to one of us while we watch TV. And to watch D carry her, slung over his shoulder like a human baby, showing her all the things in our home she should be impressed with. Ah! And this feisty little pit bull mix just lets him do it, as patient as the day is long. There's some real love there. It's truly a beautiful friendship.

(Thanks to my nephew, Kyle, for the title of this post. At our family reunion in Vegas this summer he would point at Brent and say that every night. Why? Not important when you're laughing as hard as I was.)

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  1. You could leash her to the foot of the bed. Short enough leash, that is won't harm your kid in the night...just a thought. Post more pictures! The dog was inspiration.


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