My 3 Monsters: Day 15: Canned Food Organizers

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Day 15: Canned Food Organizers

We had a friend of ours build a pantry for us a couple of years ago and it is my pride and joy.  When we bought our house it had an open staircase right in the middle of the living room and kitchen.  That may have been a really cool feature back in 1982, but in 2003 . . . not so much.

The stairs are now closed in and all that space underneath is pantry.  *sigh*  So nice.  And don't think I'm ungrateful when I say this next part, but my beloved pantry is really deep and kind of awkward to get into.  But I love it.  Still always love it.  I'm just always looking for ways to keep the food organized so it's easier to get to.  Eventually I'd love to get those fancy can organizers that rotate the food for you, but those are pretty pricey.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought, "DUH!!!"

Amy at Then She Made . . . is kind of a genius.  A soda 12-pack to organize soup cans is pretty slick, if you ask me.  Aaaaaand she made them cute, which instantly won me over.  She mod-podged scrapbook paper onto hers.  I didn't have enough matching pieces of paper that I liked in my stash so I used wrapping paper, but the process was pretty much the same. 

Unfortunately, the generic soups I have right now {and most vegetables I have ever bought} come in cans that are wider than Campbell's soup cans so they don't fit quite as well.  I'm a tiny little bit disappointed about that, but I really like having a separate organizer for each flavor of soup.  Because I'm the tiniest bit OCD like that. I need to make a couple more for the rest of those cans now.    Hope you're all having a great weekend! Join me tomorrow to kick off my birthday week {and a week of projects just for me!}with a thrift store sweater refashion.

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  1. What a good-looking way to store a bunch of cans :) At Costco (not sure if you have one near you) they sell soups, beans, tomatoes, etc. in boxes like this, and they're a bit sturdier than soda boxes. That would be a good way to go too!


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