My 3 Monsters: Day 3: Halloween Tulle Wreath

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Day 3: Halloween Tulle Wreath

I don't usually decorate for Halloween.  In fact, I really only decorate our home for Christmas.  Because I'm just that lazy, I guess.  Every year around this time I see all these cute, creepy-but-not-too-creepy craft ideas and simultaneously think, "I love that," and, "That's too much work."  A couple years back I made a spooky apothecary display that was everywhere on the internet.  It was adorable.  I used it in my home and then in the back of my van for Trunk-or-Treat and everyone got a kick out of it.  But after about a week I couldn't stand the clutter.  I don't have a mantle to display cute things on,  the coffee table is too low {and our puppy is way too curious}, the dresser next to our front door is where we pile all our junk {am I supposed to actually put that crap away for a whole month?!} -- I have resigned myself to the fact that we can't have given in to my lazy side and haven't tried to decorate.  But my kids LOVE it when we decorate so I am trying a couple of things this year that will be fun and festive without being in my way all the time.  I hope.  I pinned this wreath made by Jamie on Something to Do {project has been removed -- boo!}  a while back:

I love everything made with tulle.  {It was my life's dream until I was about eleven to be a professional ballerina.  Seriously.}  I don't have any pinned, but I also love many of the Halloween crafts out there incorporating black crows from the dollar store.   I knew I wanted black birds in my wreath, too.  And black satin ribbon.  I was envisioning "Black Swan" -- dark and beautiful.  Then I remembered that my front door is black.  Dang!  I would have to add some gray to the mix and it would probably still be great, but dang!  Not what I was picturing.  Here's the final product: 

Please overlook how dirty my door is.  Gross.  I bought flat yardage of tulle when it was on sale for 69 cents a yard at JoAnn's last week - 2 yards of black and 1 yard of gray {though against the black door it looks like way more gray} -- and cut it into 3"x 12 " strips.  Also, I wanted mine to look a little more tattered, so my tulle is going every which way and not quite as "organized" as Jamie's.  I got the birds and a grapevine wreath at the dollar store and I had the double faced satin ribbon in my stash, so the total cost for this project was about $5.  I really love it -- even though it wasn't what I originally envisioned.  And those crows look a little like lovebirds the way I placed them.  Ah well, what are ya gonna do?!  It will only be out for a few weeks every year.  Thanks for stopping by!  Check back tomorrow for some fun Halloween pillow covers.

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  1. That is a great Halloween wreath. I love how your have managed to convey the feeling without doing a black and orange wreath. I am a new follower from Tatertots and Jello. Vicky from


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