My 3 Monsters: Day 7: Rosette Statement Necklace

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Day 7: Rosette Statement Necklace

Whew!  One week down, 3 to go . . . I mentioned the other day that I don't think there is much in the world that couldn't be vastly improved by the addition of fabric and ribbon flowers, right?  So when I saw this necklace on Pinterest, I knew I had to make it:

I think Theresa's necklace at 612 Riverside is absolutely beautiful!  In my mind it could be dressed up for church or an evening out, but it would look equally good with jeans and a t-shirt.  So I pulled some fabric and vintage buttons out of my stash and got to work.  This is what mine looks like:

I can't ever get my rolled fabric rosettes to look as good as everyone else's on the internet, but I'm pretty happy with the vintage-y look of it.  I made all my flowers and glued them onto some felt then I trimmed the felt down so it didn't show from the front.  I cut a second piece of felt in roughly the same shape for added stability.  I also took a chain necklace that I had in my jewelry box and cut it in half.  When I glued the two pieces of felt together, I sandwiched the ends of the chain in between them on each side.  It's not Brent's favorite of all the accessories I wear, but I really like it.

Uh-dorable!  My wardrobe may need a couple more of these before too long.  Thanks for checking in on my "31 days" projects.  Tomorrow's project is decorative pumpkins.  Have a great day!


  1. Wow. That looks awesome! Very impressive.

  2. I love this idea for a 31 days series! And love your blog. So glad I found you thru the 31 Days series and look forward to reading more. Oh, and we'd be BFF's b/c there's a whole lot of chaos in my life, too. ;) (

  3. love the necklace,so creative!!
    your newest follower,
    a wee meenit

  4. Love love love it!! I want some! Think you'll make some to sell?

  5. Andrea -- I'll just make you one out of stuff I've got if you really want one. I've been meaning to email you, too. I have a box full of costumes from when my boys were small if you want to borrow one. Let me know!

  6. Ooooh that would be awesome! :) And I would LOVE a necklace! my email is [email protected] I'm so out of ideas on what to do for Nathan! :) Nathan is 3...but where's a boys extra small/small. HAHA! Let me know when a good time would be. We would love to drop by for a visit anyways! We miss you guys!

  7. Hi Amy! I was checking some pins and saw this... I am thrilled that you liked the bib necklace, i'm sitting here with a huge grin on my face! Thanks! Your's turned out beautifully, I think you're right too, they can be worn casually or to dress something up. I love the natural cream of yours! mine was for my daughters friend, and if she is not wearing it on a regular basis i just may have to swipe it from her ;)
    Thanks again for the love!
    t. xoxoxoxoo


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