My 3 Monsters: Day 21: Super Easy Necklace Makeover

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Day 21: Super Easy Necklace Makeover

I'm a huge fan of accessories -- fashion or home.  They make things feel finished.  Whenever I go thrifting I always keep my eye out for simple beaded necklaces that could be turned into something spectacular.  The magpie in me also keeps one eye open for sparkly broaches or clip on earrings that could be added to my new necklace creations.  Just look at some of the stunners I've pinned for inspiration from Elva Field:

Me likey.  I whipped this somewhat similar one up out of some beads and ribbon I had on hand.

 I may or may not keep that gold flower on there.  It's just a clip-on earring so I can remove it easily for a little bit simpler look.  I think it's a vast improvement over the plain old mustard colored beads I started with. Thanks for checking in today! Come back tomorrow for a really cute maxidress you can make in about half an hour.

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  1. I am absolutely loving your 31 Days series such a crafty lady you are!!

  2. I've decided I want the necklace, and the sparkly shoes, and whats the other thing I wanted? Oh yes the Rosette Statement necklace! LOL I love all your crafty stuff. I'm so not crafty and don't even have the patience for it. So I appreciate your craftiness very much!


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