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Hangin' With My Girls!!

Here is a brief account of the wonderful time I had last weekend. I've struggled with writing this post because something always seems to get lost in the translation from my memory to the written word. There is something about 15 year (and 24 year, Cathy) friendships that is unspeakable. True friendship is a unique, special, almost sacred thing. It might have something to do with feelings that can only be understood heart to heart and spirit to spirit. It might be how these people contributed so much to the person I am today. It might just be that they "get" me. Just know, as you read this, that where my words run thin there is an abundance of emotion that refuses to be pinned down and boxed up by my limited vocabulary.

We are all in three different states running around packing, cleaning, and preparing our homes and families for our absence. No small task. I am panicking as I look around my exceedingly humble home and wonder what these women are going to think of what I have done with the past twelve years and how it will stand up in comparison to their own. Then I realize who I'm talking about here, put those irrational fears out of my mind and just get excited. Cathy comes in first. I pick her up at the airport and we go get dinner. It's just like old times -- and we lament Aryn's absence. Then it's back to the airport for Maren and then Cynthia. I miss out on much of the conversation because Brent is texting me to see how much time he has left to finish folding the mountain of laundry I left him with. He's a dear. We head back to my house and I invite the girls into Campaign Headquarters/ Amy's Sweatshop. They all sit and hand write Sydney G 4 VP on 200 stickers for my daughter to pass out at school the next day. Now that's friendship. Talk a little, laugh a lot, my kids keep sneaking out of bed to spy on us, and then we go to sleep.
Get my kids off to school. When I get home from student council drop-off everyone is up. We toy around with the idea of going to the gym to work out, but let the window of opportunity gracefully slip shut as we eat a leisurely breakfast and talk. A lot. We go to the nail salon for pedicures, but cannot convince Cathy to partake. No big. I TOTALLY get anxieties in any form.

There is some major cuteness going on here . . . Cynthia went lime green with white polka dots, I was chocolate brown with an intricate flower, and Maren got the iridescent purple, no design. Very elegant. Then off to lunch at Benihana.

Notice the Red Hat Club in the background. Such cute old ladies. Hope that's us in 30 years. After lunch we shop a little. Cathy and I get shoes. Cathy and Cynthia get matching sweaters. We run home and hang out with my kids until Brent gets home from work. We check into the hotel that evening. It is . . . . adequate. Humble. Fine. What was I expecting for $160. Total. For 3 nights. We head out for dinner at a cheap little Mexican place then go walk the mall to kill time before the sing-along showing of Mama Mia at the movie theater. Decide to call it a night early and head back to the hotel instead. Smart Maren brought Loaded Question which we play and laugh and then talk and laugh and then laugh and laugh until bedtime. The conversation turns toward the risque. It's about time! To be continued . . .


This is the day designated for shopping. I get up early (not much of a sleeper-inner) and begin to get ready for the day. Everyone else gets up shortly and decide to go out walking. I stay behind -- I'm on vacation, folks. They come back before too long. We eat breakfast at the hotel then run over to the outlet mall. Maren finds a lovely maternity dress, we all shop for our kids and then convince Cynthia to get something spicy to surprise hubby when she gets home. Ooh la la. (She just had a baby -- what are friends for?!) We eat lunch at Olive Garden, which really hasn't changed a lick since we ate there in college. Thank goodness. We spend the afternoon laying around the hotel and laughing some more. Convince Cynthia to buy something really spicy for when she gets home and order one for Cathy while we're at it. Happy birthday. In the evening we head up to Scottsdale to the Jesterz Improv Comedy show. Poor Cynthia came away almost deaf in one ear thanks to a loud neighbor. We go to Applebees for half price appetizers then back to the hotel for more conversation and a little sleep.


I drag everyone to my ward's Super Saturday. We spend the morning crafting and talking and generally enjoying life, I think. Aren't the magnet boards cute??? Back at the hotel we watch a documentary. OK, Cathy and I watch The King of Kong and giggle like school girls while Cynthia and Maren drift in and out of sleep. We plan to meet Brent and John and Marla (other old BYU friends) for dinner at 6:00. At 5:15 we go for a swim. Or more of an awkward "stand" in the water, but at least we can say we took advantage of all the amenities. We make it to dinner on time and enjoy a lovely evening catching up.

Back at the hotel after dinner we play Loaded Questions again and laugh some more. We watch Made of Honor and mourn how quickly the weekend passed. Don't want to go to sleep, but too tired not to.


The alarm rings bright and early. We get Cathy to the airport then get ready for church. We look a little like a polygamist family sitting in the pew with Brent, the kids, and three women. Except that we were shy about 20 kids. Good times. Cathy texts during Relief Society to say that she made it home. Happy and sad at the same time. We go back to my house. Cynthia and Maren play games with my children and then we eat dinner. All too soon it is time to take them back to the airport, too. Sydney comes with us this time as now she feels a part of this "club" of friendship as well. On the way home from the airport she comments on how she hopes she'll have friends like this someday. Me, too, Sydney. I want that for you, kiddo. Everyone should have friends like these. Especially a girl who doesn't have sisters.

For a less verbose description of the weekend and to see where I lifted these fantastic photos from visit Cathy's blog. You'll be glad you did!


  1. Looks like a great weekend. I'm jealous!

  2. You did a great job summing it up! I was scared to do it, because I knew it would not do the incredible weekend justice. I am so glad you did it so much better : ) FYI my piece of spiciness still has not come. Sob sob.

  3. Love the recap! I will have to copy this so I can remember all the details that so easily leave the brain after any time lapse whatsoever. I had such a blast with you gals. It was just what I needed! Miraculously, I am still able to hear from my right ear... and I can't help myself from buying more and more of the first kind of spicy treat. :) So cute!

  4. I love how you threw in the "made it there on time" part about dinner! Look how creative you gals are! Amy anything you touch is 10x more creative than I could dream of. Sounds like a great weekend. I take it all the husbands and kids lived through it?


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