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I'm worried, as is anyone who knows anyone in Houston tonight as we all wait with bated breath for this monster

to make landfall. To say it's troublesome is an understatement, but what can you do? Sit and wait and pray. And brace myself for another storm that has been brewing closer to home. That is how I spent my day. You see, Dylan has been sent to the Principal's office again. And again. And yet again. Twice yesterday and once today. He has been caught with those stupid Bakugan toys at school (they don't belong to him and he "doesn't remember" where they came from) and he lied to his teacher, the assistant principal, and the principal about it. Nice. He needed to be grounded. He needed to spend some serious time in his room. I knew it. I think he knew it. And history told me that he wasn't going quietly into that good night. So, he had a few hours to prepare to give me his worst and I also had a few hours to make sure our home would weather this storm. FEMA would be proud.

Turns out it was mostly unnecessary. He was very humble and went straight up to the room without a word when I told him to. Humble, but not very remorseful from what I can tell. Arrrrrrgh!!! What is a mom to do? I was a good student. I don't even understand what is going through his mind at all. I keep thinking of something my mom always says: You have to laugh otherwise you'd cry. That helps a little. Anyway . . . Mom, Dad, if you have power tomorrow morning and you can read this, I love you!!! Good luck and be safe. Come to Phoenix if you need.

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