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In Any Contest Someone Has to Lose . . .

The good news for Sydney is that someone also has to win!!!!!! And win she did with all the grace and gratitude a ten year old can muster. I am so dang proud of my baby girl today. Not only for running a good campaign and working hard, but for having such courage at such a difficult age. The courage to put herself out there so completely. The courage to throw caution to the wind and say to the world, "I want this," and then to go for it with all her heart even though it might mean being let down or embarrassed in the end. The courage to let her light shine and stand out in a crowd. All lessons she learned from her father. Today she is Brent's child through and through. (And you all know how much I love to take credit for all the good stuff our kids do.) I'm such a lucky, lucky girl to be surrounded by these fine people. Congrats to Sydney, B.E.S.'s newest Vice President. You Rock, Sis!


  1. Congrats to Sidney G! The world's best VP!!!

  2. Great job, Sydney! We know you'll be fabulous!

  3. Hooray, Sydney! I knew you could do it! You will make a fabulous VP! I am so proud of you, cutie!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS Sydney! That is really exciting, way to fight a good battle and come out on top. You will be awesome, can't wait to hear more of the great things you will be doing.


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