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Let's Dish . . .

Soooooo, Sarah Palin. What do you think?! I watched her speech last night and I think I like her. In fact, I really like her. Am I dumb for liking her? Am I missing something when I feel like I maybe want her to be my Vice President? And am I sexist or too old fashioned when I think that her sweet little 4 month old baby needs her to not be my Vice President?

Every time they showed that sweet, tiny little boy in the arms of his not-much-bigger big sister, I wanted to cry. Kids that little need a mom who's home when they come home from school. A warm hug at the end of a long school day and, sometimes, a shoulder to cry on. Years from now when her little guy is grown up will she regret missing all the hours she could have just spent cuddling him? I know these thoughts never cross my mind when I think about the male candidates. They never even crossed my mind when I considered Hillary. Last night I found myself liking this woman so much, I just want her to do what's right for her family. I want her to be a great mom and Vice President. I'm just not sure it's possible to do both. I'm also not sure it's fair to use my vote to make that decision for her. Do we focus on her qualifications and leave the family stuff to her or do we consider the big picture? Who knows?!


  1. Let me be the first to comment. I LOVE HER! I think she's the only genuine person in this election. Did you see last night when her little girl was holding that cute baby and full-on LICKED HER ENTIRE HAND and wiped down his hair? So sweet. You and I share different views from her on families and careers. She has it in her heart that she will work...whether it be governor or VP. Granted being VP is more time consuming and she'll be overseas more, but she's gonna work anyways. I think she'll try to balance as best she can. And you know that it would be good to have a female in there cleaning up (politically) after all those lazy, pompous men. (I'm not usually such a feminist but I'm ready for a change in this country and she might be the answer!) I didn't want to vote for any one of the candidates before but McCain has gained my vote. She's amazing and will kick some "good ol' boys" butt!!! Make sure you vote on my blog. We're on the same wavelength this morning (must have been our bonding during my wacky moment the other day)

  2. Sorry, one more thing. I think she will also be one of those women who can get tough stuff done without coming off as a @*&%$. She has a real warmth to her (polar opposite of Hillary) and I think she's got a very magnetic personality. The critics have given her rave reviews. She may not be overly experienced but neither is Obama. She and McCain balance each other...each has strength where the other has weakness. I haven't been this drawn to an election in YEARS. If ever?

    Again, sorry. I'm packing up my soapbox and leaving. Gonna find a tree somewhere and chain myself to it...

  3. I kind of like her, too, but I need the next couple months to decide. I think they all can get out and give a good speech, but actually leading is different. I think she's a-ok for the VP, but I have huge concerns about her suitability for the presidency. And I have the same concerns about Obama. It may ultimately be about just who we like better (since neither's going to develop a record of experience suddenly).

    I am with you on the family/VP thing. I saw a picture of her in People magazine, holding her baby while sitting at a desk working, and it really just makes her look like she's not doing either job well. I couldn't do it. Even as a man, I don't think I could do it with a 4-month old. Or with a pregnant daughter. But, I think that's her call. As long as the kids are taken care of, it's her choice.

    I think we're in for a wild ride..


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